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CD + Ticket Bundles start from just £18.99 CD and Ticket Bundles are limited to 4 per person. Ticket only is limited to 1 per person Release Date Friday 31st January (Launch show Wednesday 12th February) All pre-orders will be dispatched/ready for collection in line with details listed further down this page. Please read so that you choose the appropriate option. Louis Tomlinson - Walls CD Album + 1 Ticket Bundle £18.99 Vinyl LP + 1 Ticket Bundle £26.99 Limited Transparent RED Vinyl LP + 1 Ticket Bundle £28.99 (PLEASE READ DETAILS BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER)

To mark the release of his debut solo album Louis Tomlinson will join us for a very special evening at The Wardrobe in Leeds on Wednesday 12th February (Doors 6pm and event to start shortly after so please be prompt) curfew 8pm

‘An Evening with Louis Tomlinson’ will include a handful of acoustic numbers followed by a Q & A session (host to be announced) with Louis . Book your bundle now for this special evening (please note this is NOT a live gig other than a handful of acoustic numbers, it's a chance to hear from the man himself in an intimate live setting)

We have set up special bundles (in the drop down box above) for this release where fans can purchase a copy of the album on any of the formats available and get a ticket for this exclusive event at the Wardrobe Leeds. There is a limited capacity at the venue so we expect all the album and ticket bundles to sell out very quickly.

Age Restrictions -  No Under 6s. Under 14s must be accompanied by an adult. One copy of an album/bundle on any format gets one ticket for the gig. Two bundle purchases gets two tickets. Album and ticket bundles start from just £18.99 and can be viewed in the drop down menu above, we urge you to purchase a copy of the album with your bundle not only does it represent great value for money but it also helps in the first week of release and it means we can put on more of these album launch release shows in the future. Album is also available on all formats without a ticket here PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE PRINTING TICKETS FOR THIS EVENT AND THESE TICKETS WILL BE NEEDED FOR ENTRY TO THE EVENT ORDER EMAILS ETC WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR ENTRY. Tickets will be issued 1 of 2 ways depending on what you select at checkout: Collect at Crash - is FREE but albums and ticket must be collected by calling in to the shop between Friday 31st January and Thursday 6th February to confirm your purchase (if you aren't local or can't visit us please select the shipping option.) Postage Option -  Tickets and albums will be shipped together on or just before the release date. Please note, there is NO collect at venue option. TRACKLISTING:
  1. Kill My Mind
  2. Don’t Let It Break Your Heart
  3. Two Of Us
  4. We Made It
  5. Too Young
  6. Walls
  7. Habit
  8. Always You
  9. Fearless
  10. Perfect Now
  11. Defenceless
  12. Only The Brave

Ask Louis Tomlinson to name his favourite song on Walls and he’ll change his mind several times. It could be the title track, on which he shares co-writing credits with an idol. Or irresistible current single Don’t Let It Break Your Heart, which boasts his most addictive chorus to date. Lyrically, he’s rightly proud of all twelve tracks, most rooted in real life, but in particular those that dig deep on subjects ranging from relationships and family to the folly of youth and days of self-doubt. Live, he’s most looking forward to performing the songs that reflect the indie-rock he grew up on and still adores today. In fact, it scarcely matters which songs Louis likes best because his fans are about to get the chance to choose for themselves. After two years spent honing his sound and sharpening his skills as a heart-on-sleeve songwriter, the 27 year old simply can’t wait to release his debut album and take it on tour. “I feel like this is the start of my career, with so much to look forward to and all the plans in place,” says Louis. “Honestly, I’ve been through every emotion possible in the past few years and come out the other side stronger and more confident than I’ve ever been. “I know I’ve made an album that my fans will like, one that sounds like me and has its own identity. There were times I wasn’t sure if this was what I should be doing. Now I can’t imagine doing anything else.” 2019 was the year that Louis found his feet as a solo artist. He followed his award-winning return in March with Two of Us, which took the tragic loss of his mother as a touchstone and connected with fans around the world, with a run of acclaimed singles - the raucous Kill My Mind, the reflective We Made It and the soaring pop perfection of Don’t Let It Break Your Heart. 2020 is the year that Louis goes live with a 50 date World Tour, his first as a solo artist, with many dates already sold out including all the UK shows. A recent date in Madrid was his first full gig since the demise of One Direction. From early March until late July, he’ll be on tour near nightly, crossing countries and continents with Walls. “I don’t have long to get fit,” laughs Louis. “Seriously, I played football on a shoot the other day and ten minutes in I was wheezing. Don’t worry, I have plenty people telling me to get to the gym. That’s the only bit I’m dreading.” Walls’ collaborators include the L.A.-based Brit Jamie Hartman (Rag’n’Bone Man, James Bay) and Jamie Scott (One Direction, Bieber) If Walls recalls classic, ‘90s Oasis, it’s because Louis still listens to those early albums. “It really hit home when I was in the studio to hear the strings being recorded. There must have been 25 musicians in there, all for my song. It was a proper tear-jerking moment already and I’ve never felt a shiver like it.” Fans will find plenty to tingle their spines on 12 songs that lyrically hark as far back as Louis’ 1D days, recall relationship ups and downs and relate the life lessons learnt on the way to 27. The fabulous Habit is a message to fans and a reflection on fame steeped in gorgeous electric guitar, with a reference to Princess Park for 1D devotees. “There was a time I felt like I was treading water with my career,” says Louis. “I wasn’t sure if I 100% wanted to carry on. It was frustrating and, of course, fame can feel intrusive when you’re unsure of yourself, but I tried to imagine myself not doing this job, not having the support of the fans and I couldn’t. “Music is the habit that I keep coming back to. Forget feeling sorry for myself. Habit is a thank you to fans and a reminder to me to be grateful for being given this position.” While We Made It recalled Louis’ pre-fame days, hanging out with his girlfriend Eleanor in her student halls and their teen dreams for the future, both Walls and the acoustic Too Young recount the break-ups that ultimately made the pair’s relationship stronger. “Too Young is about meeting ‘the one’ aged 18 and, like a lot of blokes that age, not being equipped for it,” says Louis. “I found it hard to look that far ahead. I had to make a few mistakes and go down the wrong path to realise what I had and what I thought I’d lost. “Walls is more specific. It’s about coming home having been on tour, soon after we’d split. I found some of my girlfriend’s clothes in the cupboard and it hit me what I’d done. I love the indie sound of the song and its circular nature – it opens and closes with the same lyric.” That lyric – ‘Nothing wakes you up like waking up alone’ – is among several on Walls that shows Louis’ progression as a songwriter ready to reveal his vulnerable side. ‘The day you walked away was the day I became the man that I am now,’ is another. “I pretend not to be romantic, but I am,” says Louis. “Two years ago, I couldn’t have written those lyrics. I would have felt too exposed. But that’s age for you, I suppose. It sounds daft because 27 isn’t old, but I think about ageing a lot these days.” On Fearless, which opens and closes with children’s voices, Louis looks back at the peers he grew up with and ponders what ageing means. “I’m at this crossroads age where I look at people from past and they seem so grown up to me now,” he says. “I won’t call them boring, but I do think people could take life less seriously. Have more fun while we’re still young because it doesn’t last.” The oldest song on Walls is Almost You, the most recently recorded the album’s beautiful, stripped-back closer Only the Brave, which clocks in at a mere 1.44 minutes. “The reason Always You stayed is that I teased 15 seconds of it on one of my socials years back and, ever since, the fans have been desperate to hear it,” says Louis. “I owed them that one.” “Only The Brave I think may have been written for Liam Gallagher. It’s the one song I didn’t write much on. It was played to me and I instantly adored it. There was talk of making it longer, but what’s great is that it’s so short, yet gets its message across so clearly. “Plus, it’s the twelfth song. That’s more than enough of me in one sitting.”

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