Lovely Eggs (The) - Fried Egg EP

Size: Transparent Vinyl 10" LP

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The Lovely Eggs - Fried Egg EP

A Side
Jon Carling,
I Like Birds (But I Like Other Animals Too)
Devil in Me
In Watermelon Sugar
Side B
Last Train To Ballard
I’m Having a Party and We’re Killing Ourselves
Frankie Oh My!
Does it
Hurt to Lose the Will To Live?
I Spy With My Little Eye a Lot of Really Nice Things a Lot of Things That Are Nice in This Life.

Limited to 1500 copies. The Lovely Eggs will release for the first time on vinyl a rare self-released collection of songs and live recordings. Originally produced as a “fried egg” CDR in 2007 and sold by the band at gigs, the translucent vinyl record will be released
in custom replica packaging to emulate the original. Hand designed by the band, the fifteenth anniversary 9-track E.P. includes early songs “I Like Birds But I Like Other Animal Too”, “Jon Carling” and “In Watermelon Sugar” as well as unreleased tracks “Devil in Me”
and a number of live recordings. This is a true collector’s edition and a perfect example of The Lovely Eggs commitment to make interesting and imaginative cover art to complement their unique sound.

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