LYR - Lockdown: RSD 7" Single

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LYR - Lockdown

A Lockdown (in aid of refuge)
B Never Good With Horses (locked down version)

LYR are comprised of author and current British poet laureate Simon Armitage, musician Richard Walters and multi-instrumentalist Patrick Pearson, the band is a nexus of diverse creative disciplines and one of the most thrilling musical prospects of 2020. The band’s debut album Call In The Crash Team (released in 2020) is an easy-to-love midpoint between poetic spoken passages, soaring vocal melodies, and instrumentation which gleams like a rough-cut jewel.

It’s also set to convert any previous sceptics of spoken word, thanks to Armitage’s accessible and evocative lyrics — as well as Pearson’s seductive bricolage of musical styles. The stunning lead single “Never Good With Horses” is an indelible first taste of the album’s ambition, scale, and lyrical prowess. Minimal piano builds to soaring and witful strings, with a sung refrain from Walters which recalls the heart-tugging power of Sigur Rós.

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