M Huncho - Chasing Euthoria

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M Huncho - Chasing Euthoria

“Euphoria lies in your own hands.”
- M Huncho

Adding further momentum to the announcement, the slick masked artist also releases another huge single. This time, he teams up with none other than UK Rap royalty Giggs for ‘Lean’. Following the release of his latest smash ‘Warzone’ featuring Headie One, ‘Lean’ starts off with the famous Quincy Tellem tag which has become synonymous with M Huncho’s sound. The clean, yet trippy beat is clearly made for Huncho’s quintessential style, who utilises his melodic trap wave to make an instant impact on the track. This vibe that Huncho has perfected, is complemented by Giggs’ raw and gritty 
flow, which adds that extra level to the track to make it an instant anthem.

‘Lean’ is a trap wave track that is supported by a video that epitomises M Huncho's style as an artist. The visuals have a clean and suave look to them and utilise trippy effects to transition into different locations during each beat drop. The high quality, professional look of this video and the feature from Giggs really highlights the direction that M Huncho is heading towards and the level he is at now.

Having just come off a sold out tour across the UK, his fanbase is constantly growing and his upcoming ‘Huncho’s Wolrd’ festival taking place in Barcelona in May sets precedent for M Huncho’s worldwide takeover.

M Huncho is the slick masked artist who has helped engineer a lucid, ultra-smooth lane for a new strand of high-end UK music that matches melodic lyricism with trap bite. His last solo project ‘Huncholini The 1 st ’ was released in 2020 and peaked at #5 in the official charts. Now, two years on, he is in the best place of his life musically and his debut album is a clear reflection of that. Huncho is back, he’s better and he is not slowing down.

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