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M Huncho x Nafe Smallz

CD Album - £10.99

  1. Da New Age
  2. Heroes
  3. 5AM
  4. Flooded
  5. Changed
  6. Cold World Ft. Young Adz
  7. Twice
  8. Party
  9. Louis Vuitton/Lost Hope
  10. PMW
  11. Royalty
  12. Money Make You Change Ft. Yxng Bane
  13. Wrong Time

Summer might be over, but the heat still remains -British trap wave pioneers M Hunchoand Nafe Smallz have announced a very special new project who have teamed up to treat fans to ‘DNA.’ This project is them coming together to make a bold statement and mark the beginning of a new age. Pre-order the project here.

M Huncho is the slickmasked artist who along with prominent UK rap artist Nafe Smallz helped engineer a lucid, ultra-smooth lane for a new strand of high-end UK rap that matched melodic lyricism with trap bite.

The DNA concept centres on Huncho and Nafe as two sides of the same coin, both with crossover across their 23 chromosomes, both forward thinking and pushing their music to the next level. That’s why, years down the line, they’re being preserved for future generations.

Having worked together on a number of releases before which include 4 x Top 40 singles and they are yet again raising the stakes. Creatively, aesthetically and lyrically, it's a step forward for the duo. This is the start of Da New Age

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