Makin' Time - Rhythm And Soul: Vinyl LP


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Released Friday 27th November
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Makin' Time - Rhythm And Soul
Vinyl LP - £18.99

  1. Take What You Can Get
  2. Feels Like It's Love
  3. Here Is My Number
  4. Only Time Will Tell
  5. Did I Tell You
  6. Honey
  7. I Gotta Move
  8. Where The Rhythm Takes You
  9. Every Single Day
  10. The Girl That Touched My Soul
  11. I Know What You're Thinking
  12. Stop This Cryin' Inside

Largely remembered today at the first group of future Charlatans main man Martin Blunt, Makin’ Time emerged as a breath of fresh air from the 1980s mod scene. Younger than the revival bands that had gone before instead of watered down punk their music was a glorious mix of power pop and 1960s pop and soul.

Signed to Eddie Piller and Maxine Forrest’s Stiff distributed Countdown label it was seen as a possible contender for pop crossover. The album that emerged was the vibrant and exciting Rhythm & Soul.

The band was fronted by the bob-headed, strong voiced organ playing Fay Hallam and guitarist and vocalist Mark McGounden, and these two along with Martin Blunt provided a strong set of self penned songs. A dynamic band live ‘Here Is My Number’, ‘Feels Like It’s Love’ ‘Only Time Will Time’ and the other self penned numbers were already fan anthems by the time they were recorded.

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