Martin - Music By Donald Rubenstein: Vinyl LP

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A1 The Calling (Main Title) 3:37
A2 Train Attack 0:38
A3 Phased 0:57
A4 Tat Cuda's House 0:54
A5 Martin At The Butcher Shop 1:47
A6 Antique Chase With Villagers 1:16
A7 Garlic Chase #6 0:57
A8 Martin Goes To The City 1:50
A9 Christina Leaves 2:29
A10 Halloween 1:27
A11 Modern Vamp 1:47
B12 Chant 1:40
B13 The Calling (Reprise) 2:17
B14 Braddock / Chase 1:08
B15 Back To Me 3:17
B16 Crawling Sequence 1:10
B17 Martin Martin Martin 0:52
B18 Marie - Interlude 0:52
B19 Evocation 1:04
B20 Fly By Night 3:24
B21 Exorcism / Classical Funk 1:34
B22 Stake, Well Done! 1:46

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