Mèlancolia - HissThroughRottenTeeth

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From under the veil of obscurity emerges MÉLANCOLIA a tormented entity trapped within the claws of despair, angst,
and unnerving melancholy. Like messengers of darkness, Alex Hill takes his place at the forefront as vocalist, Joshua
Taafe and Billy Morris join the fold as guitarists with Mason Page on drums. Launching in 2022, Mélancolia is melodic
blackened deathcore that melds elements from the depths of industrial goth and nü-metal with its pummeling foundations,
resulting in what can only be described as sonic horror.
Unleashed last February, “Horror_Ethereal” is MÉLANCOLIA’s debut offering, introducing nightmarish settings, Cradle Of
Filth-inspired fits, and harrowing visuals. Releasing independently, the single has collected tens of thousands of digital
streams under their own steam. Wall Of Sound concluded: “With blackened deathcore blast-beats, retching high vocals,
and theatrical sonic breakdowns, this band is going to be one to watch, seriously.”
MÉLANCOLIA storm through the gates of 2023 with a vengeance, playing their first-ever show with labelmates THY ART
IS MURDER on their ‘Decade Of Hate’ Australian Tour in January alongside Starve and Justice For The Damned. As a
sign of what's to come, the band looks towards a future equipped with heavyweight reinforcements as they join the
Greyscale Records in Australia and New Zealand and Nuclear Blast for the rest of the world and fly under the wing of
Future History Management (Sleep Token, Loathe).
With album news, the quartet announces their story unravels with, HISSTHROUGHROTTENTEETH, MÉLANCOLIA’s
debut album out April 21st, 2023 via Greyscale Records and Nuclear Blast. Immersing listeners in a torturous tale of
birth, life, and death, HISSTHROUGHROTTENTEETH follows a fallen deity, cast down from a godly realm and met with
the punishment of reincarnating as a human with a wealth of knowledge yet stripped entirely of power. The album
traverses different stages of the deity’s miserable existence, doomed to repeat a painful cycle for all of eternity.
MÉLANCOLIA sink their teeth into their monstrous storyline with eerie passages, guttural deliveries, and grotesque
visuals, serving up a delicate dose of pure dread.

Track Listing:1.Horror_Ethereal/2.Dread Will Follow/3.GOD TONGUE/4.When Shovels Drag On Concrete/5.The
Hands That Tie The Noose/6.[Inure]/7.HissThroughRottenTeeth/8….a cold static eulogy


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