Meursault 02/12/21 @ Establishment, Wakefield


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Event name: Bodys presents: Meursault + Olive Wreath
Acts: Meursault, Olive Wreath
Location: Establishment, 81-83 Westgate, Wakefield, WF1 1EP. Gig is in the music hall - enter through the main door on Bank Street then turn left.
Promoters: Bodys
Date: 02.12.2021
Doors: 8pm
Age restriction: Over 18s only

8.30pm Olive Wreath
Olive Wreath weaves an aperture around the body of London-based singer/songwriter-cum-producer Jowan Mead. Through the salt and leaves, through the rivers and trees, Olive Wreath collects a bundle of bedroom-eyed pop sensibilities in their jaws and delivers it faithfully to you as a homespun take on indie folk. Together, you will explore weird feelings, proclaim endless love, and reclaim your body in a world that teeters increasingly on the brink of apocalyptica.
Mead’s previous output as part of North Yorkshire eclectic guitar outfit Parker Lee has been praised by BBC Introducing and 6Music and shared bills with Big Thief and The Orielles. They’ll have something with you soon.

9.15pm Meursault
Meursault are an alternative indie band from Edinburgh, Scotland, led by singer-songwriter Neil Pennycook. Their musical style has been variously categorised as folktronica, alternative rock and indie folk. The band themselves have described their most recent work as "epic lo-fi".
The name of the band is a reference to the main character of L'Etranger, the famous novel of Albert Camus.
The band are noted for their use of traditional acoustic instruments such as guitar, banjo, harmonium and ukulele, accompanied by electronic sounds and beats generated by drum machines, samplers and synthesisers. Pennycook possesses a powerful singing voice, which, in combination with the unorthodox instrumentation, lends the band a distinctive sound.
This will be Meursault’s third show for Bodys in as many years, with the previous two being spectacular sell outs!

About the Venue
This show is in the music hall of The Establishment Wakefield on Westgate, turn left when you go through the main door. The Establishment is located close to Wakefield Westgate train station. The gig will finish at 10pm, giving you plenty of time to get the last train.
Establishment disabled access: Entrance/ exit : 1 step - no ramp. Toilets : no disabled toilets, toilets upstairs. Viewing : all one level - seating available. We will make sure everyone can see if view is obstructed.

About Bodys
Bodys is a gig promoter in Wakefield, hosting frequent shows. Follow us on social media @bodyswakefield to see what other shows we are hosting. Our gigs are intentionally set at times that allow you to be in bed early if you fancy, and we always announce set times well in advance.

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