MF Doom - Metal Fingers Presents... Special Herbs

Format: Volumes 7&8 Double Vinyl LP

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MF Doom - Metal Fingers Presents... Special Herbs

Originally released in the 00s, the 'Special Herbs' is a series of instrumental works by MF Doom under the moniker of Metal Fingers on various indie Hip-Hop labels.  This series of LPs collects a variety of rare MF Doom Samples.

These were re-issues onto Vinyl in 2020 with new cover art.


Special Herbs 1&2
A1 Saffron
A2 Arrow Root
A3 Zatar
A4 Fenugreek
B1 Sumac Berries
B2 Coriander
B3 Shallots
B4 Charnsuka
B5 Monosodium Glutamate

C1 Red #40
C2 Nettle Leaves
C3 Mullein
C4 Mugwort
D1 All Spice
D2 Lovage
D3 Eucalyptus
D4 Myrrh

Special Herbs 3&4
A1 Agrimony 2:06
A2 Arabic Gum 2:50
A3 Benzoin Gum 2:47
A4 Bergamot Wild 3:25
A5 Calamus Root 3:49
A6 Dragon's Blood Resin 3:38
A7 Elder Blossoms 2:46
A8 Styrax Gum 2:32

B1 Blood Root 3:00
B2 Star Anis 3:28
B3 Lemon Grass 4:21
B4 Four Thieves Vinegar 3:34
B5 Galangal Root 2:33
B6 Spikenard 3:33
B7 Cinquefoil 2:59
B8 Hyssop 3:33

Special Herbs 5&6
A1 Pennyroyal
A2 Lavender Buds
A3 White Willow Bark
A4 Orange Blossoms
B1 Coffin Nails
B2 Kava Kava Root
B3 Valerian Root

C1 Jasmine Blossoms
C2 Black Snake Root
C3 Horehound
D1 Dragon's Blood
D2 Myrtle Leaf
D3 Patchouly Leaves

Special Herbs 7&8
A1 Safed Musli
A2 Emblica Officinalis
A3 Licorice
B4 Sarsaparilla
B5 Fo Ti
B6 Camphor

C1 High John
C2 Mandrake
C3 Devil's Shoestring
D4 Wormwood
D5 Cedar
D6 Buckeyes
D7 Chrysanthemum Flowers

Special Herbs 9&0
A1 Vinca Rosea
A2 Burdock Root
A3 Vervain
B1 Bergamont
B2 Podina
B3 “Untitled” (Meditation)
B4 Coltsfoot Leaf

C1 Orris Root Powder
C2 Passion Flower
C3 Yellow Dock
D1 Datura Stramonium
D2 Coca Leaf
D3 Peach Extract

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