Mordred - The Noise Years

Format: 3CD Album Set

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Fool’s Game
1 State Of Mind
2 Spectacle Of Fear
3 Every Day’s A Holiday
4 Spellbound
5 Sever And Splice
6 The Artist
7 Shatter
8 Reckless Abandon
9 Super Freak
10 Numb


In This Life
1 In This Life
2 The Strain
3 High Potency
4 Window
5 Esse Quam Videri
6 A Beginning
7 Falling Away
8 Killing Tme
9 Downtown
10 Progress
11 Larger Than Life
Bonus Tracks
12 Lion’s Den
13 Johnny The Fox Meets Jimmy the Weed
14 Intro/Killing Time (live)
15 Every Day’s A Holiday (live)


The Next Room
1 Lo-Cal, Hi-Fiber
2 Skid
3 Crash
4 Splinter Down
5 Shut
6 Pauper’s Wine
7 Acrophobia
8 Murray The Mover
9 In A Turn
10 The Trellis
11 The Next Room Over
12 Rubber Crutch
Bonus Tracks taken from the ‘Vision’ EP
13 In Time
14 West County Hospital
15 The Vagrant
16 Reach
17 Close Minded
18 Vision

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