Mudhoney - Real Low VIbe: 4CD Boxset

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Mudhoney - Real Low Vibe
4CD Box set: £27.99
4CD set showcasing Mudhoney’s major label period, 1992-1998. Includes three albums, B-sides and live recordings, plus the promotional only On Tour Now live album. Also includes rare outtakes and sampler-only tracks. Includes the singles Generation Spokesmodel, Suck You Dry, Blinding Sun, Five Dollar Bob’s Mock Cooter Stew and Into Your Shtik, plus B-sides. Compiled in conjunction with Mudhoney.
Having emerged in 1989 and become a mainstay of the American alternative scene, Mudhoney moved from Sub Pop to Reprise Records and produced three outstanding albums during the 1990s. Whilst not achieving the household name status enjoyed by a handful of their contemporaries, the band maintained a strong following, and the admiration of their peers throughout a decade that saw the grunge explosion take American alternative music into the mainstream.
Compiled in conjunction with the band, Real Low Vibe showcases that period of Mudhoney’s career, including singles, B-sides and material released on the brilliant Trademark Of Quality sampler series. Also included is the promotional-only On Tour Now EP, originally issued to promote a 1993 US tour.
Essential for fans of alternative American rock, Real Low Vibe shines a long overdue light on this period of the band’s career, both in the studio and on stage

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