Muzikantes Festival 13-06-20 @ Brudenell Social Club (Day Ticket)


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Brudenell presents... Muzikantes Festival – A Day of Eastern European Music Saturday 13th June 2020 Day Ticket
Age Restriction: 14+ with Adult / 16+ without

Line up: Zywiolak The Ukranians Vera Tmschyshyn Mazurka Heartbeat Ptitsia Gamayun Gora Dolina Silk Roots Dudalniecki Davno Melem

Now in its third year -our festival brings together artists who are inspired by their Eastern European roots. There is a full day of performances, including pure vocals, rare instruments, right through to energetic folk / roots rock. The artists represent a variety of Eastern cultures from Balkan to Russian and most of the lands in between.

The headline act - Żywiołak – who need no introduction in Poland, are playing in the UK for the first time. Derived from bands such as Hedningarna and Hoven Droven, Żywiołak takes us on a journey through the pre-Christian times of east and west Europe. The band was the first to contribute to the "boom" of interest in native culture that is currently in place in Poland.

The Ukrainians have been performing their style of Slavic folk rock for almost three decades. Since their unique work as part of The Wedding Present, they have been entertaining crowds around the world with their energetic and emotional music.

Further info on these groups and the details of the other 10 groups performing can be found on our facebook page.

The Festival is a full day event. The afternoon has a relaxed feel with tables, tea lights and acoustic / pure folk artists. After a break, the evening returns to a more traditional gig environment as the headline acts perform. Workshops in music and dance are planned.



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