NAILS - Unsilent Death: Vinyl LP


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Nails - Unsilent Death

Transparent Blue Vinyl LP £23.99


1. Conform

2. Scum Will Rise

3. Your God

4. Suffering Soul

5. Unsilent Death

6. Traitor

7. I Will Not Follow

8. No Servant

9. Scapegoat

10. Depths

11. Leech

12. Enemy

13. Confront Them

14. Obscene Humanity

15. Lies

New 10th Anniversary Edition of Nails’ first LP. Includes every track from the “Unsilent Death” recording sessions - including two new, previously unreleased, exclusive songs.

 *INDIES ONLY BLUE VINYL*  Limited To 500 Plus Fold Out Poster

 'When Southern Lord picked up and re-released their 2010 debut LP Unsilent Death after its smaller first pressing sold out, they offered a comparison of 90s AmRep bands and early Cro-Mags going faster than either. That sort of works. So does Eyehategod's songbook played by 2013 Converge. This music is more suffocating than it is Suffocation; it also pulls largely from hardcore and comes with plenty of raw emotion attached to it.'' PITCHFORK

''A swirling, savage and harrowingly sincere listen from start to finish, the record introduced the world to the band in the most brutal and brilliantly harsh manner possible. The new version of the album also features tracks that were never released from the sessions over a decade ago and completes the story of one of the most influential and affecting crossover releases of the century so far.'' ROCK SOUND

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