Navy Blue 26/03/22 @ Headrow House

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Super Friendz Introduces
Navy Blue
Saturday 26th March 2022
Headrow House

Door collect only, no printed tickets

Navy Blue, real name Sage Elsesser, is also known for being a pro skateboarder and model. He is also long time friend and affiliate of Earl Sweatshirt. One of the songs on the album also features Yasiin Bey. Pitchfork Best New Album (January 2021) for 'Song of Sage: Post Panic!' - "On his second album of 2020, the underground New York rapper reaches a new level. The vibe is calm and bittersweet, as Navy Blue sinks deep into the recesses of his mind." 8.2/10. You can also check out the wonderful and inspirational interview of Navy Blue as part of the Pitchfork Rising serie. Navy Blue talks about how writing helps him work through pain, collaborating with his childhood friend Earl Sweatshirt, and his restorative new album.


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