Newton Faulkner - Interference (Of Light)

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Newton Faulkner - Interference (Of Light)


  1. Sinking Sand
  2. Cage
  3. Back From The Dead
  4. Riding High
  5. Four Leaf
  6. Killing Time
  7. Here Tonight
  8. Better Way
  9. World Away
  10. I Can Pretend
  11. Leave Me Lonely
  12. Together
  13. The Sun Is Coming Up
  14. Rest Of Me
  15. Ache For You
  16. Its Getting Late
  17. Interference (F@&k I Think it's Love)

Four years on from his last studio album, Newton Faulkner has been working throughout lockdown from his recording studio in East London, exploring a number of new and unexplored styles and musical ideas, using them as the building blocks for this album. Twisting these inside out, he has pushed himself further and further. I ’m not very precious any more,” he remarks. “The music is a bit chunkier, it’s definitely way heavier and much less acoustic than previously. I feel like the stuff I’ve written recently is simpler, but it’s tasteful… it works as songs. I can f eel it.”

The album will be on vinyl, CD and digital formats, all featuring different tracklists as Newton explains: “The way people listen to music has changed dramatically in the time I’ve been making and releasing music and, for me, each medium has a di fferent purpose and requires a different approach. Interludes, a huge part of ‘Hand Built By Robots’, make no sense being streamed on an online playlist, but work amazingly on a CD and vinyl is different experience again. So I’ve decided to package this album differently for each format; streaming sites will get a 17 track album, with no interludes clogging up your shuffles, the CD will be 17 tracks plus interludes for a smoother flow, and the vinyl will be 11 tracks specially curated, by me, to work on one disk with the best possible flow from one side to the other and the best possible sound.”

Since the release of his debut album “Hand Built By Robots” in 2007 (featuring the smash hit Dream Catch Me) Newton Faulkner has become one of the UK’s most successful singer songwriters of this millennium. Later this year, he will be heading out on tour to play live.

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