Night Shadow - Square Root Of Two: 180g Vinyl LP


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Atlanta-based garage rock band Night Shadow endured a shape-shifting evolution, beginning as the Cavaliers in the mid-50s, then shifting to rhythm and blues with singing duo Little Erv & Judy Argo, and finally embracing straightforward rock when the latter departed, making way for teenage front man, Little Phil (aka Lil Mr Dynamite, aka Phil Rosenberg), the re-named Night Shadows now comprising guitarist Jimmy Callaway, keyboardist Bobby Newell, drummer Charles Spinks and longstanding bassist/producer, Aleck Janoulis.

Early singles recorded for independent Atlanta labels such as Na-r-Co and Dot made little impact, though the suggestive “60 Second Swinger” on Gaye fared better. Somehow, a contract with Baja Records led to recordings under alias The Square Roots Of Two, which became the title of their sole long-player, released on Baja subsidiary Spectrum Stereo in 1968.

With sped-up vocals, phased guitar, backwards tape effects and spoken commentary, the album had strong psychedelic leanings applied to their bluesy, hard-edged garage rock; the group’s implosion in 1969 ensured the rarity of this overlooked gem.

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