Nightwish - Once

Format: Double Vinyl LP

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Nightwish - Once

Double Vinyl LP £25.99

“Once I had a dream, and this is it”.

This is the opening line of an album that would change the lives of some young Finnish musicians with fire in their hearts and an ocean full of sweet music in their souls. An album that would also influence thousands of people all over the world for years to come. "Once", NIGHTWISH's fifth studio album saw the light of day on June 7th 2004 - it changed the metal world completely and made the band living legends.

Track list
Side A.
1. Dark Chest Of Wonders
2. Wish I Had An Angel
3. Nemo
4. Planet Hell
Side B.
5. Creek Mary's Blood
6. The Siren
7. Dead Gardens
Side C.
8. Romanticide
9. Ghost Love Score
10. Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan
Side D.
11. Higher Than Hope
12. Live To Tell The Tale
13. White Night Fantasy
14. Where Were You Last Night

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