Oh Baby - The Art Of Sleeping Alone: Limited Yellow Vinyl LP


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Electronic duo Oh Baby was created ‘to fill a void in our own record collections, specifically between the letters N and P’. With a sound that depicts ‘factories at dusk, an aversion to sentimentality and an electronic take on the human condition’.

Rick Hornby and Jen Devereux are distant cousins who first met at the funeral of a long lost family member. ‘A funeral usually means the end of a band, but it’s where we decided to start one’.

The band have a twisted take on what dance music can be, citing influences from early 80’s New York underground and German electronic scenes ranging from Grace Jones, A Certain Ratio and Kraftwerk, through John Carpenter soundtracks, to English New Wave bands such as The Police and Fun Boy Three, giving their unique sound a bold twist of live guitars, succinct vocals and potent beats.

The band have just finished writing and recording their first mini-album between London, Manchester and LA, set for release on 23rd August via Burning Witches Records.

Danceable pulsing synths and shimmering guitars come together with vocals that wouldn’t be out of place at peak Fleetwood Mac era. Oh Baby’s debut EP titled “The Art of Sleeping Alone” is here to end the summer on the indie dance floor.

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