Oh Wonder - 22 Make

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Oh Wonder - 22 Make

01 Baby
02 Down
03 22 Break
04 Free
05 Don't Let The Neighbourhood Hear
06 Dinner
07 Rollercoaster Baby
08 Love Me Now
09 You > Me
10 Kicking The Doors Down
11 Twenty Fourteen

22 Make is the surprise second half of the alt-pop-duo 22 Break; project, a brand
new album they dropped with little warning towards the end of 2021. The bands most
powerful and intimate music thus far, it unpicked a turbulent period in the incredible
story of Oh Wonder: here were universal themes (loneliness, inadequacy, resentment,
fears for the future) as experienced by one couple in real-time, all blown up in the
pandemic. Not many bands can make a break-up album that culminates in them tying
the knot - but then again, Oh Wonder have never been like other bands. Coming out of
‘22 Break’ and all the soul-searching that it forced them to do, Josephine and Anthony
got married and channelled all this into & a whole new album set for release on July 22 nd , soundtracking the light at the end of a tunnel and completing the dual project (with 11 songs on each half). 

“When we nearly broke up during the pandemic, we used music as a way out,” Oh
Wonder write, introducing the project in its entirety today. “We wrote all our pain,
sadness and confusion into a collection of songs that we eventually released as the
album, ‘22 Break’. But for us, that was only half of the story. We managed to survive
our rocky patch, and emerge stronger than ever and full of love for each other. It only
felt right therefore, to write about the other side, where you realise not just that you're
meant for each other, but also that it also takes two people to make a love flourish. We
are thrilled to be releasing ‘22 Make’, an album full of love and life-affirming songs that
reflect on fate, gratitude and being there for someone.”

This transformative period continues Oh Wonder’s remarkable, homegrown success
story. 2020’s acclaimed album ‘No One Else Can Wear Your Crown’ continued a run of
back-to-back top 10 albums from the band who have - on their own distinct terms -
become one of UK pop’s more unsuspecting breakthroughs (2.7 billion streams, 1.7
million adjusted album sales, and vocal fans in the likes of Billie Eilish). A huge world
tour has been confirmed through 2022, including a London date at Brixton Academy,
whilst Oh Wonder even founded and literally built from the ground-up the hugely
popular Nola cafe in Peckham early on in the pandemic.  Through opening up to their
fans and each other, the ‘Make or Break?’ poised by ‘22 Break’ appears not so much a question, as an active choice - to be as honest as possible, to move forward, and to begin a brand new chapter in the story of Oh Wonder.

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