Oranssi Pazuzu - Live At Roadburn

Format: Purple/White Splatter Double Vinyl LP

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Released Friday 5th November
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Not meant for genre purists, Oranssi Pazuzu are on a trip all their own; modern electric
pioneers on an expedition to unlock the keys to the hidden spaces all around and inside us.
From Roadburn.com:
In 2016, we introduced them as “a giant that stalks these mostly otherwise untrodden
lands,” referring to the Finnish extreme psych scene that invaded Tilburg with such
remarkable results, and called them “a true beacon of experimentalism and innovation,” and
we mean it even more for 2017.
The Obelisk:
“Oranssi Pazuzu, who released their fourth album, Värähtelijä, in 2016, may have conjured
the finest blackened psychedelia I’ve ever seen. It was so much of both, so chaotic and yet
purposeful, that to consider it anything less than the work of masters would be completely
underselling it. When I was done taking photos, I went out into the hallway to walk around to
the other side of the room and I couldn’t believe it was still daytime. And more over, the sun
had come out! Something so cosmically abysmal just seemed like it should be swallowing

any and all light around it, but so it goes. Stately and ferocious, they cast their waves of of
bleakness over a sea of nodding heads.”
The Sleeping Shaman:
“The Finns are doing a comeback show, because last year they mesmerized everyone Het
Patronaat. This time it is not much different as the band completely warps whatever you
think black metal is, into something that is definitely spiced up with krautrock, prog and more
strange spices. Jazzing it up and down to calm passages, where the music just flutters all
over, the band completely captures the crowd again with another tumultuous outbreak.
Psyching out, spinning long atmospheric parts and then just grabbing you by the throat once
more. You can just not grasp Oranssi Pazuzu, simple. ”

A1 Kevät
A2 Saturaatio
B1 Lahja
B2 Havuluu
C1 Vino verso
C2 Vasemman käden hierarkia

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