Orla Gartland - Woman On The Internet

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Fast-rising Dublin singer-songwriter-producer Orla Gartland long-awaited debut album

Woman On The Internet, due for release on 20th August 2021 via her own label New Friends In a world where we’re taught to aspire to unattainable levels of perfection, Orla Gartland’s unfiltered honesty is a breath of fresh air. Balancing normal insecurities and a self- deprecating wit with impressive levels of self-reliance and steely determination, the Dublin- born, London-based singer-songwriter/producer has never pretended to be anything other than a work in progress, and has always used her music as a vehicle for self-discovery.

1. Things That I've Learned
2. You're Not Special, Babe
3. More Like You
4. Over Your Head
5. Zombie!
6. Madison
1. Do You Mind?
2. Codependency
3. Pretending
4. Left Behind
5. Bloodline / Difficult Things

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