Pan Amsterdam - Ha Chu (Standard Edition)

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1 Toot my own Horn...
2 Trix (Prod. Malik Ameer)
3 Tea, of Course
4 Hannibal Lecture (Feat. Jason Williamson Prod. Coup 
5 I Love Duck
6 Carrot Cake (Prod. by GUTS)
7 Kun G Chicken (Prod. Mr. Shn)
8 The Music Made the Decision
9 Dried Saliva (Prod. Malik Ameer)
10 Cancelled Check (Prod. Mr. Shn)
11 Can’t Be Too Romantic
12 Debtors Skyline (Prod. Mr. Shn)
13 PM Don (Prod. Mr. Shn)
14 Al’s courtyard (Prod. Malik Ameer)
15 Into Old Punks
16 Hall N Oats (Prod. Leron Thomas)
17 Script (Prod. Coup Diablo)
18 The New York Hustle

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