Petrol Girls - Cut & Stitch / The Future Is Dark: Limited Clear / Green Vinyl 2LP


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Petrol Girls - Cut & Stitch / The Future Is Dark

Limited Clear / Green Vinyl LP £22.99

Double LP version that joins the Cut and Stitch album and the Future is Dark EP. Cut and Stitch is their second album. A ten track musical manifesto that puts it’s melodies where its mouth is. Shouting, shrieking, hollering vocals piston backed by tight urgent instrumentation. Interspersed with pointed samples and entreaties this is a no let up onslaught of intense politically charged songs vitriolically calling out sexism, greed, ignorance and capitalism. Music of action and passion, set to destroy the dance floor



  1. the sound
  2. tangle of lives
  3. [q&a]
  4. big mouth
  5. looming
  6. monstrous
  7. no love for a nation
  8. skye
  9. burn
  10. talk in tongues
  11. [they say]
  12. rootless
  13. weather warning
  14. naïve
  15. survivor
  16. sister
  17. strike

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