Phoebe Bridgers - CopyCat Killer

Format: 12" Black Vinyl EP

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Side A:
1. Kyoto (Copycat Killer Version)
2. Savior Complex (Copycat Killer Version)
Side B:
3. Chinese Satellite (Copycat Killer Version)
4. Punisher (Copycat Killer Version)

Copycat Killer is a 12” featuring 4 exclusive new versions of
songs from Phoebe Bridgers’ wildly acclaimed Punisher album.
Collaborating with arranger Rob Moose (Sufjan Stevens, The
National, Bon Iver, Vampire Weekend, Jay-Z), these are brand
new orchestral arrangements of the songs Kyoto, Savior
Complex, Chinese Satellite and Punisher, all given a luscious
revamp that is sure to delight any fans of Phoebe’s album and
serve as perfect gateway for new listeners into what makes her
one of the most special artists of 2020 and beyond.

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