Porcupine Tree - Voyage 34

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Porcupine Tree - Voyage 34

Double Vinyl LP

Voyage 34 : Phase II ( 17:30 )
Voyage 34 : Phase I ( 12:57 )
Voyage 34 : Phase III ( Astralasia Dreamstate ) ( 19:29 )
Voyage 34 : Phase IV ( A New Civilization ) ( 19:47 )

TRANSMISSION REISSUE CLASSIC INSTRUMENTAL COMPILATION FROM THE LEGENDARY PORCUPINE TREE. 'Voyage 34', an instrumental composition from 1992/93, is a journey split into 4 phases that rocks for over an hour, this was P.T.'s entry into the ambient trance genre popularised by artists such as the Orb. Combining trance rhythms alongside more typical Porcupine Tree textures & guitar solos, 'Voyage 34' was a big hit in the ambient/chill out club scene of the early 1990's (when it was originally issued across two 12" singles).

Following the now sold-out first box set of Porcupine Tree's 'Delerium Years' & the near sold-out second box set, Kscope are re-releasing the band's records from the era, including 'Voyage 34', as a series of LP's presented in gatefold packaging.

This double LP version features the tracks remastered by Steven Wilson in 2016 with more naturalistic dynamics & EQ - remasters previously only available in 'The Delerium Years 1991 1993' box set.

The artwork was completely redesigned for the original re-release & contains new images from long-term collaborator of Porcupine Tree frontman & founding member Steven Wilson, Lasse Hoile.

In Wilson's own words, "The whole point about 'Voyage 34' was an exercise in genre. In that sense it stands apart from the rest of the catalogue...back in the early Nineties, there was an explosion in ambient music, a fusion of electronic music & techno music with the philosophy of people like Brian Eno & Tangerine Dream. "


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