Prophecy Of Doom - Acknowledge The Confusion Master

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THE CULT 1990 DEBUT ALBUM OF INFLUENTIAL UK GRINDCORE FROM PROPHECY OF DOOM - PRESENTED ON THE VINYL FORMAT WITH COVER ARTWORK FROM THE ORIGINAL 1990 PRESSING. UK grind/death veterans Prophecy Of Doom formed in Gloucestershire, 1988, with bassist Martin Holt & vocalist Shrew Schroder uniting to embark upon a journey to create something challenging & memorable to stand out in the UK scene. After a few personnel changes whilst looking to establish a permanent recording line-up after their 1988 demo & the 1989 EP, 'Calculated Mind Rape' (which had brought the band to the attention of legendary DJ John Peel), the time had come to create their debut full-length album.
And so 'Acknowledge the Confusion Master' came to be & was released in 1990 on the burgeoning Peaceville Records & their then newly established sub-label, Deaf Records. A highly effective concoction of blasting amid a titanic wall of raw grinding riffs & chaos propelled Prophecy Of Doom to the forefront of the scene, also leading to two recording sessions with John Peel & further enforcing Prophecy Of Doom's position on the map of notable British grind acts.

As a further distinguishing factor, there was a great depth & consideration to the themes of the album, perhaps in stark contrast to how the tracks were presented sonically. Written by mainman/vocalist "Shrew", there with a strong philosophical element to the lyrics, an exploration of awareness & intuition amid an era of increasingly suppressed feelings & an urge to rise above mental restrictions.

This vinyl edition of 'Acknowledge the Confusion Master' contains cover artwork from the 1990 release with printed inner sleeve containing lyrics & receives its first vinyl pressing on Peaceville since that initial 1990 edition.

Prophetic Believers Prepare ( 02:30 )
Insanity Reigns Supreme ( 03:26 )
Hybrid Thought ( 04:54 )
Earth Reality Victim ( 02:42 )
Rhetorical Fusion ( 04:28 )
Prophetic Believers Act ( 03:50 )
Rancid Oracle ? ( 03:03 )
Calculated Mind Rape ( 03:52 )
Acknowledge The Confusion Master ( 04:04 )10 )
What Happens Now ? ( 08:24 )

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