Resident Evil 5 - Original Soundtrack Music By Capcom Sound Team Triple Vinyl LP


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Triple Vinyl LP - Laced Records


A1. Opening -Chris's Arrival- (Original Ver.)
A2. Item Box
A3. Majini I
A4. Majini II
A5. Game Over
A6. Majini III
A7. Result
A8. Executioner
A9. Shaking off The Majini
B1. Shadows of the Past
B2. Majini IV
B3. Majini V
B4. Get out!
B5. The Patrol Boat
B6. Evil Mutation
B7. A New Clue
B8. Ancient Noise
C1. Majini VI
C2. Majini's Trap II
C3. Excella and Wesker
C4. Huge Facility ~And then
C5. Gigantic Attack
C6. The Enigma
C7. Majini VII
C9. The Mask
D1. Two on Two
D2. Old Friends, New Enemies
D3. Sad but true
D4. Trust
D5. The Tanker
D6. Majini VIII
D7. Shot or Death
D8. Fragment of Fears
E1. The Sign
E2. A Big Despair (Digital Ver.)
E3. Majini IX -in flames-
E4. Wind of Madness (Digital Ver.)
E5. The Vulnerability
E6. Sky-high Skirmish

The horror doesn’t let up... Laced Records and Capcom present the music of Resident Evil™ 5 in a deluxe triple vinyl set. The release comprises 50 remastered tracks from the original soundtrack pressed to heavyweight LPs, presented in a rigid slip case with three inner sleeves. 

First released in 2009, Resident Evil 5 brought the series shooting and screaming into HD, building on Resident Evil 4’s over-the-shoulder reinvention of the series with new co-op mechanics and thrilling boss encounters.

 Delivering his first music for the series, Kota Suzuki led a composition team that included Hideki Okugawa, Akihiko Narita, Seiko Kobuchi, and Wataru Hokoyama. For the first time in a Resident Evil title, the soundtrack enjoyed live orchestral recordings thanks to the Hollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra. Theme song “Pray” was performed by vocalist Oulimata Niang.

 Tracks have been specially mastered for vinyl will be pressed onto audiophile-quality, heavyweight 180g black discs. These will be housed in spined inner sleeves that slip into a deluxe rigid case. Sleeve artwork was created by Capcom and Boris Moncel of Blackmane Design.


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