Richard Hawley - Standing At The Sky's Edge: Limited Blue Sparkle Double Vinyl LP

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Richard Hawley - Standing At The Sky's Edge

Limited Blue Sparkle Double Vinyl LP £27.99

Following the success of his award-winning, hugely acclaimed 2009 album 'Truelove's Gutter', Richard Hawley released his sixth studio album, 'Standing at the Sky's Edge'.

This LP marks a seismic shift in direction for Hawley. The album is a euphoric, sonic assault on the senses, channeling elements of psychedelia, space rock and ragas with heavy riffs and raw, visceral guitar solos - as well as more familiar, tender moments - which will surprise Hawley's fans and peers alike.

Exploring lyrical themes of love, loss, redemption and darker areas of the human condition, it's an album of ominous storytelling and cosmic exploration, sung in Hawley's rich baritone and soundtracked by an epic musical journey in glorious, menacing technicolour. In the tradition of Hawley's previous albums, the title is inspired by an area of Sheffield.

1 She Brings The Sunlight
2 Standing At The Sky's Edge
3 Time Will Bring You Winter
4 Down In The Woods
5 Seek It
6 Don't Stare At The Sun
7 The Wood Collier's Grave
8 Leave Your Body Behind You
9 Before

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