Robben Ford - Pure: Crystal Clear Vinyl LP


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Robben Ford - Pure

Crystal Clear Vinyl LP £21.99

1. Pure
2. White Rock Beer ... 8cents
3. Balafon
4. Milam Palmo
5. Go
6. Blues for Lonnie Johnson
7. A Dragon's Tail
8. Pure
9. If You Want Me To

“Pure” is Robben Ford’s brand-new instrumental studio album – the first one since “Tiger Walk” from 1997. With nine unique tracks the album features a “pure” Robben Ford - this guitar virtuoso who has a tremendous music vocabulary of jazz, blues and rock.

“Pure” is to be congratulated as an album which seamlessly blends a soulful west coast vibe with bluesy hard rock. On top form, “Pure” features exceptional guest musicians such as Nate Smith, Toss Panos, Shannon Forest and more.

The Clear vinyl version is a Limited Edition.

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