Róisín Murphy - Róisín Machine: Double Vinyl LP


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Róisín Murphy - Róisín Machine

Black Double Vinyl LP £22.99

1 Simulation
2 Kingdom Of Ends
3 Something More
4 Shellfish Mademoiselle
5 Incapable
6 We Got Together
7 Murphy’s Law
8 Game Changer
9 Narcissus
10 Jealousy

Róisín Murphy returns with Róisín Machine, a full on disco album made in partnership with longtime collaborator DJ Parrot. Talking about the lead single, 'Something More', Murphy explains;
"We’re in darker ages now and this feels like morning, the sun’s coming up and it’s the last record of a very, very, good night. We need space for ‘mood’ and the ‘uncanny’ right now.” She added, “Everything I do is from the gut. I’m always up to something, I’ve been directing videos and art-directing for years. The album is called Róisín Machine because I am a machine. I never stop.”

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