Sarah Davachi - Antiphonals: Silver Vinyl LP

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Sarah Davachi - Antiphonals

Silver Vinyl LP £21.99

1. Chorus Scene
2. Magdalena
3. First Cadence
4. Gradual Of Image
5. Border Of Mind
6. Abeyant
7. Rushes Recede
8. Doubled Flutes

“An uncannily beautiful listening experience, like capturing a fragment of a fading folk song in the moment before sleep and hearing its echoes resonate and disintegrate throughout your dreams.” Mojo

“Medieval harmonies and ruminative melodies meet celestial textures, travelling from darkness to light and back again. Throughout its undulating ride, Antiphonals transfixes and immerses, transporting the listener deep into their own psyche.” The Wire

“Disarmingly pretty...calming and alarming...for the right slow-motion pieces on Antiphonals, Davachi immerses listeners in a remarkably wide range of textures and timbres.” Uncut (8/10)

Davachi’s ideas find their greatest coalesence however on “Gradual Of Image”, which puts many of the instruments she’s gathered together on display at once. The song hums like a thousand year old lullaby, its airy acoustic guitar floating above a lush bed of winds and electronics.” The Wire

“Slow, minimalist Mellotron experimentation. It stops time like a Malick movie.” Prog

“It's a privilege to spend time in her world, listening to sacred music melt into prog rock and sensual, experimental drone into blurry neoclassical ambience. There are plenty of musicians who attempt to reach this jewelled nirvana, and precious few who get close - Davachi is currently sitting near the center. Breathtaking.” Boomkat

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