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Scouting For Girls - The Trouble With Boys Release Date Friday 27th September. (Album launch gig Wednesday 2nd October) CD Album + 1 ticket for album launch gig/signing £14.99 Vinyl LP + 1 ticket for album launch gig/signing £23.99 (Please read full details below regarding album and ticket bundles) PLEASE NOTE Album + Ticket Bundles are limited to 4 per person, Ticket only is limited to 1 per person. We are a hosting an album launch gig + signing for Scouting For Girls at Belgrave Music Hall on Wednesday 2nd October.  (times TBC but we expect Doors 7:30pm Band on stage shortly after). This is a 14+ event. If you order the album on either format (CD or Vinyl LP) you will be issued with 1 ticket for the gig. If there is more than one of you then please order 2 copies of the album and you will receive 2 tickets etc. Maximum quantity is 4 albums plus 4 tickets.  After the short set the band will be signing copies of their album so make sure you take your CD or vinyl LP with you on the night. Tickets and albums have to be collected from the shop any time between the release date Friday 27th September and the day of the event (Wednesday 2nd October before heading to the show, Our opening hours are 9:30am – 6pm Monday-Saturday 11am-4pm Sunday). Perhaps come into town early collect your bundle and then grab some food at the venue before heading in (we are fans of the food available from Patty Smith's and Dough Boys Pizza inside Belgrave) THERE IS NO POSTAGE OPTION. There will not be a collect at venue option either. You must collect your ticket & album from the shop before going to Belgrave Music Hall to guarantee entry. A CD album with a ticket for the album launch gig and signing afterwards is only £14.99.  The album by itself can be ordered here without a ticket Two years after officially marking a decade since the release of Scouting For Girls’ unstoppable million-selling eponymous self-titled debut album, the band are excited to announce the release of a brand new album ‘The Trouble With Boys’, consisting of unmistakable pop anthems set to have fans all over the world singing along in unison Scouting For Girls commented; “We are so excited to release The Trouble with Boys, our first studio album in four years. We’re really proud of it and genuinely feel it’s our best collection of songs since our debut. Both albums really benefited from the extra time and care we spent writing and recording them. I can’t wait for people to hear it. Tracklisting: 1. Dancing with You 2. Grown Up 3. Count on Me 4. Sweet Love 5. The Trouble with Boys 6. Waiting for the Weekend 7. Beautiful Day 8. Double Act 9. Sunshine Laserbeams 10. This Is a Love Song

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