Set It Off - Elsewhere

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Set It Off - Elsewhere

1 Skeleton3:23
2 Projector3:12
3 Cut Off3:07
4 Loose Cannon2:47
5 Why Do I2:35
6 As Good As It Gets2:57
7 Who’s in Control3:05
8 Taste of the Good Life3:26
9 Why Not Me2:37
10 Dangerous2:04
11 Cordial3:06
12 The Magic 83:04
13 Playing With Bad Luck2:58
14 Peekaboo2:51
15 Catch a Break3:06
16 Better Than This3:45

"From the time they were formed, Set It Off have never been your standard emo band. Or pop group. Or pop-punk band. They are all of those things and more. Just listen to the lead single “Skeleton” from their new album Elsewhere – moody, melodious pop-rock with fast rapping tearing up the break. The song is about embracing who you are unapologetically and without filters. “Skeleton” epitomizes Set It Off now – a group both fully committed to its roots and diving into its future by embracing inevitable change.
While the band’s full-length debut album ‘Cinematic’s in 2012 embraced their moodier rock side, later efforts took on an upbeat pop twist that culminated in a darker synergy of those styles on their last album Midnight. ‘Elsewhere’ is a transitional, moody, and forward thinking release, one in which they have faced their demons and come out happier and more full of life than ever before."

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