Skylights - What You Are

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Skylights - What You Are
(42's Records)

CD & *Signed* Limited Edition White Vinyl LP

Premier League anthemic indie-rock debut from the York lads

1) Outlaw
2) Nothing Left To Say
3) What You Are
4) Britannia
5) Darkness Falls (Acoustic)
6) Enemies
7) YRA
8) Lifeline
9) Take Me Somewhere
10) Driving Me Away (Acoustic)

CD Exclusive Tracks
11) Nothing Left To Say (Stripped)
12) Darkness Falls - Skylights Cut
13) Driving Me Away (Demo)
14)-23) Track By Track Comentary

“We feel immensely proud and lucky to be releasing our debut album now, it’s the  culmination of years of work, but for a while we abandoned the band and only reformed by chance. What’s happened since is amazing, such a passionate response from fans, there is a real buzz. The LP is a mix of old and new songs, with everything fine-tuned for the album release, we hope the fans love it - we really could not do this without them, that’s why we titled the album WHAT YOU ARE, it just fitted - we are what the fans are, they give us the platform” 

SKYLIGHTS’ honesty, work ethic and a string of sold-out shows have earned them a passionate following and a reputation as “the people’s band” which is admired & envied by their peers and more established artists.

“...outstanding performances fizzing with energy and conviction throughout and have their loyal fans longing for more”
Yorkshire Evening Post

Rob Scarisbrick: Vocals
Turnbull Smith: Lead Guitar
Jonny Scarisbrick: Bass
Myles Soley: Drums

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