Sleeper - Smart: 25th Anniversary Clear Vinyl 2LP

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1 A1: Inbetweener
2 A2: Swallow
3 A3: Delicious
4 A4: Hunch
5 A5: Amuse
6 A6: Bedhead
7 A7: Lady Love Your Countryside
8 B1: Vegas
9 B2: Poor Flying Man
10 B3: Alice In Vain
11 B4: Twisted
12 B5: Pyrotechnician (I Think I Love You)
13 C1: Bedside Manners
14 C2: Tatty
15 C3: Little Annie
16 C4: It's Wrong of You to Breed
17 C5: One Girl Dreaming
18 D1: Alice In Vain (7” Single version)
19 D2: Hymn To Her
20 D3: Big Nurse
21 D4: Ha Ha You're Dead
22 D5: Bank

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