Slowdive - 5 EP (In Mind Remixes): 12" Translucent Blue & Red Swirled Vinyl EP


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Release date Friday 5th February 2021

1. In Mind Bandulu Remix (Out Mind)
2. In Mind Reload remix (The 147 Take) by Tom Middleton & Mark Pritchard (aka Global Communication)

The shoegazing giants Slowdive had their track In Mind remixed by Bandulu
and Reload. Bandulu take the minor chords and stretch them into a dub-
inflected whirlwind. The standout is the Reload mix by Tom Middleton & Mark
Pritchard (aka Global Communication). The result is a shimmering, blissful track
with downtempo rhythm and futuristic soul. The ambient, experimental techno
remixes are cut on 45 rpm, but there are several DJs who preferred to play this
at 33 1/3 rpm.
This is a limited edition of 4000 individually numbered copies, pressed on
translucent blue & red swirled vinyl. The package contains an insert with Music
On Vinyl’s Slowdive catalogue.

“In Mind”, “Good Day Sunshine”, “Missing You” & “Country Rain” are trippy, dreamy, spaced, melancholic and cinematic... Overall an essential part of the history of one of the most influential acts of the late 20th century.

This rare and sought-after EP is now finally available as a limited edition of 4000 individually numbered copies on pink & purple marbled vinyl. The jacket has a special deluxe “alubrush” finish. The package includes an insert with the Slowdive catalogue.

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