Slowdive – Pygmalion: Limited Edition Green Marbled Vinyl LP

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Slowdive – Pygmalion

Limited Edition Green Marbled Vinyl LP - £21.99

Track List:
Side A
1. Rutti
2. Crazy For You
3. Miranda
4. Trellisaze

Side B
1. Cello
2. J's Heaven
3. Visions Of La
4. Blue Skied An' Clear
5. All Of Us

When Slowdive disbanded in 1995 music fans widely associated it with the demise of the shoegaze genre. Their last sign of life was Pygmalion and it was, after Just For A Day and Souvlaki a totally different and more abstract album.

Where the band attempted to put more song structures in place on Souvlaki, they began to incorporate more elements of ambient electronica on Pygmalion. Which resulted in a more complete album than the two previous albums.

Tracks like "Blue Skied An' Clear" and "Crazy For You" demonstrate that the songs are still there, somewhere -- they're just buried under more abstract sounds than before. Music On Vinyl is very proud to complete the Slowdive catalogue with this stylistic masterpiece!

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