Slum Village - Fantastic Volume I

Title: Double Vinyl LP

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1996 / 1997 debut album from the boys back on double vinyl. It all started here  for Jaydee & co

Side A
1 Fantastic
2 Keep It On (This Beat)
3 I Don't Know
4 How We Bullshit
5 Fat Cat Song
6 The Look Of Love
Side B
7 Estimate
8 Hoc N Pucky
9 Beej N Dem
10 Pregnant
11 Forth & Back (Rock Music)
12 Fantastic 2 (Interlude)
13 Fantastic 3 (Interlude)
Side C
14 Keep It On (Remix)
15 5 Ela (Remix)
16 Give This Nigga
17 Players
18 Look Of Love (Remix)
19 Pregnant
Side D
20 Things U Do (Remix)
21 Want Me To Get Em
22 Fat Cat (Remix)
23 Fantastic 4 (Interlude)
24 What's Love Got To Do With It
25 2 You 4 You

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