Sonic Mania - Original Game Soundtrack: Vinyl LP


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Sonic Mania - Original Game Soundtrack
Vinyl Translucent Blue LP £28.99

Discovery (Title Screen Theme) 0:17
Lights, Camera, Action! (Studiopolis Act 1) 3:07
Wildstyle Pistolero (Mirage Saloon Act 1 K Mix) 2:11
Tabloid Jargon (Press Garden Act 1) 2:37
Danger On The Dance Floor (Mini Boss Theme) 2:07
Built To Rule (Titanic Monarch Act 1) 2:29
Dimension Heist (Special Stage) 2:36
Ruby Delusions (Eggman Boss Theme 1) 2:19
Comfort Zone (Main Menu) 1:32
Prime Time (Studiopolis Act 2) 2:24
Blossom Haze (Press Garden Act 2) 2:10
Rogues Gallery (Mirage Saloon Act 2) 2:28
Hi-Spec Robo Go! (Hard Boiled Heavies Theme) 1:48
Skyway Octane (Mirage Saloon Act 1 ST Mix) 2:12
Steel Cortex (Titanic Monarch Act 2) 3:09
Ruby Illusions (Final Boss Theme) 2:16

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