Stereolab - Transient Random Noise Bursts With Announcements: Triple Vinyl LP Reissue


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Stereolab - Transient Random Noise Bursts With Announcements

Triple Vinyl LP Reissue (Black) £24.99

1993 album no. 2 from Sadier, Gane and co re-pressed at last! At this point the still relatively 'Neu' kids on the block, this album bleeds the drones, bleeps and krautrock influences the band would cokme to be synonymous with. 3LP remaster includes extra LP of demos/rarities, 24x24" poster and a download code.


1. "Tone Burst"
2. "Our Trinitone Blast"
3. "Pack Yr Romantic Mind"
4. "I'm Going Out of My Way"
5. "Golden Ball"
6. "Pause"
7. "Jenny Ondioline"
8. "Analogue Rock"
9. "Crest"
10. "Lock-Groove Lullaby"
1. "Fragments"
2. "Jenny Ondioline" (7"/EP version-alternate mix)
3. "Drum-Backwards Bass-Organ" (Jenny Ondioline Breakdown Full Version)
4. "Analogue Rock" (Original Mix)
5. "Pause" (Original mix)
6. "French Disco" (Early version mix)
7. "Jenny Ondioline Part 2" (Breakdown mix)
8. "Fruition" (demo)
9. "I'm Going Out Of My Way" (demo)
10. "French Disco" (demo)
11. "Lock Groove Lullaby" (demo)
12. "Jenny Ondioline" (demo)
13. "Pause" (demo)

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