Stone Broken - Revelation

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Stone Broken - Revelation

Black Sunrise
The Devil You Know
Make It Out Alive
Me Without You
Without A Reason
Over The Line
This Revival
So Damn Easy
Gimme Some More
Bonus Tracks CD only
Gimme What I Want (MC cover)
Crawling (LP cover)
The Devil You Know (acoustic)
This Revival (acoustic)

For ‘Revelation’, studio album Number Three, Stone Broken decided it was time to
turn up the volume – to build on past glories with the intention of making
everything bigger, bolder and generally the best version of Stone Broken there’s
As young performers with broad musical taste, the Midlands four-piece (together
since 2013) have long held the desire to add other elements to their music, to give
a more contemporary, commercial sheen to hard rock traditions, but it’s only now,
with ‘Revelation’, that they’ve been able to bring these instincts fully into play.
Working closely with SikTh guitarist / producer Dan Weller, whose CV includes the
likes of Enter Shikari and Dream State, the band were determined to raise the bar
right across the board, from pre-production through to final mix, with anything
even vaguely hinting of cliché immediately cast aside.
The result is 11 tracks successfully combining the band’s signature emotive style
with inventive arrangements and an open-minded approach to recording that saw
them venturing into a host of fresh areas, including greater use of backing vocals
and piano, plus the subtle use of electronics to make the choruses even more likely
to stick in the mind.
As a body of work, ‘Revelation’ features the band’s heaviest moments to date and
also their most heartfelt.

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