Stone Killer (The) - Music By Roy Budd: Double Red Vinyl LP


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The Stone Killer - Music By Roy Budd
(Beatball / Light In The Attic)

Double Red Vinyl 180g LP £49.99

Much awaited re-issue of this 70's cop action movie soundtrack

The Stone Killer Main Titles
Under Surveillance
The Plot
On The Trail
The Graveyard
In The Shadows
Too Late
The Old Precinct
Down Town
On the Move
Down Uptown
From Vietnam
The Chase
The Assassination
Final Capture
The Stone Killer Main title (Alt mix)
M5 SK6: The Old Precinct
M5 SK7: On The Move
M1 SK10: The Chase
Black Is Beautiful
M4 SK10
M7 SK10: The Assassination
M5 SK2
The Graveyard (alternative mix)
The Stone Killer Main Theme (Film mix - Mono)
Too Late
M1 SK10 (Film mix - Mono)
The Stone Killer 7" Mix

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