Streets Of Rage 4 - The Definitive Soundtrack: Triple Vinyl LP

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Streets Of Rage 4 - The Definitive Soundtrack

Triple Vinyl LP £64.99

Exclusive to the vinyl is a cover co-illustrated by Hitoshi Ariga and Ayano Koshiro, who worked on the past Streets of Rage titles alongside their brother, legendary composer Yuzo Koshiro.

The vinyl comes with a booklet containing liner notes from every composer, including Olivier Deriviere, Yuzo Koshiro and Motohiro Kawashima, as well as both Hitoshi Ariga and Ayano Koshiro, and members of the development team.

A1 Yuzo Koshiro - Main Theme Of Streets Of Rage 4
A2 Yuzo Koshiro - Character Select
A3 Yuzo Koshiro - They're Back
A4 Olivier Deriviere - The Streets
A5 Olivier Deriviere - Chill Or Don't
A6 Groundislava - Overflow
B1 Olivier Deriviere - Call The Cops
B2 Olivier Deriviere - Funky Hq
B3 Xl Middleton - The Commissioner
B4 Olivier Deriviere - The Storm Boat
B5 Keiji Yamagishi - Nora
B6 Olivier Deriviere - Ghost Fair
C1 Harumi Fujita - Estel Round 1
C2 Olivier Deriviere - The Undergrounds
C3 Olivier Deriviere - On Fire
C4 Motohiro Kawashima - Barbon
C5 Olivier Deriviere - Chow Time
C6 Olivier Deriviere - Do Joe
D1 Yoko Shimomura - Shiva
D2 Olivier Deriviere - Aphex Train
D3 Harumi Fujita - Estel Round 2
D4 Olivier Deriviere - An Exhibition
D5 Motohiro Kawashima - Double Divas
D6 Olivier Deriviere - Rising Up
D7 Scattle - Maximum
E1 Olivier Deriviere - 25 Years Ago
E2 Motohiro Kawashima - DJ Kwashi
E3 Olivier Deriviere - A Ki Ra
E4 Olivier Deriviere - Lift The Ground
E5 Yuzo Koshiro - Mrs Y
F1 Olivier Deriviere - Ti Un Fou
F2 Yuzo Koshiro - Mr Y
F3 Das Mortal - Next Of Kin Showdown
F4 Motohiro Kawashima - Staff Roll
F5 Motohiro Kawashima - It's Extra
F6 Motohiro Kawashima - It's Extra (Full Mix)

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