Streets Of Rage 3- Original Video Game Soundtrack

Format: Translucent Orange Double Vinyl LP

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Double LP in a heavyweight single pocket sleeve, with accompanying lithographic print featuring artwork from the SEGA archives in Japan. On 180g translucent orange vinyl

One of the most unique, ambitious and experimental game soundtracks ever made. Now on vinyl for the very first time.

Similar to the task of condensing Yuzo Koshiro and Motohiro Kawashima’s abundance of ideas into a Mega Drive cartridge in 1994, it feels impossible to convey the influences, technical achievements and sheer ambition of their masterpiece into a single paragraph today. By combining automatic composition methods, custom programming languages and a complete sense of artistic freedom, Koshiro and Kawashima transcended their medium and created something so incomparable that it’s hard to believe it came from any games console, let alone a 16bit one. Streets of Rage 3 is urgent, demanding and a complete rejection of the notion that video game music is either pedestrian or predictable. We are honoured to be releasing it.

A1. Beat Ambience
A2. Spinning Machine
A3. Fuze
A4. Cycle I
A6. The Poets II
B1. Dub Slash
B2. Disco
B3. Boss
B4. Percussion
B5. Bulldozer
B6. Random Cross
C1. Happy Paradise
C2. Underground
C3. Shinobi Reverse
C4. Moon
C5. Mr. X
C7. Crazy Train
D1. The Poets I
D2. Bad Ending
D3. Cycle II
D4. Inga Rasen
D5. Ending
D7. Game Over


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