Sula Bassana - Loop Station Drones

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Sula Bassana - Loop Station Drones

Sula did it again. A new album, recorded in 3 evenings. :-)

This time some Loop Station Drones. With guitar, effectpedals, 2 loopstations, 2 guitaramps, a syncable drumcomputer, a very old organ from GDR (Weltmeister TO 200/5), a very old synthesizer (Roland SH 5) and a modern one (Roland SE-02) Sula instantly composed 7 tracks. Later Sula cutted them down a little and made some
very little overdubs.

Roadburn Haze was exclusively made for the Roadburn Festival Redux in April 2021.
Recorded at 28th of March, together with tracks 2 and 7. Tracks 3-6 recorded at 13th and 14th of May for the Radio KFJC at home stream-concert. But only the first 3 of them appeared. These were filmed by Thierry Miguet for Wah Wah TV and you can watch it at his great Youtube channel.

Detailed info about each song you find here:

All music composed, performed, recorded and mixed by Sula Bassana (Dave Schmidt) in his Amöbenklangraum.
Mastered by Eroc.
Coverdesign by Sula.

1. Roadburn Haze 14:59
2. Rolling In Outer Space 5:04
3. Die Karawane der Unsterblichen 13:41
4. Wastelandgarden 6:41
5. Dopeshuttle 17:45
6. Stargate 14:05
7. One Way 6:03

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