Sweeping Promises - Hunger For A Way Out: Vinyl LP


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Sweeping Promises - Hunger For A Way Out

Vinyl LP £21.99

1 Hunger for a Way Out
2 Cross Me Out
3 Blue
4 Out Again
5 Safe Now
6 Falling Forward
7 Upright
8 Atelier
9 An Appetite
10 Trust

Straight from the depths of an unused Boston-area concrete laboratory comes the debut of Sweeping Promises. Written and recorded with a patented "single mic technique" just before quarantine, "Hunger for a Way Out", is a post-punk leaning gem of unpolished DIY sound. The title track kicks things off in absolutely classic fashion, full of spirited hooks that echo the early Rough Trade sound. Angular guitars and sharp synth notes float atop a raw rhythm section, while Lira Mondal's effervescent vocals truly define Sweeping Promises' sound.

There's something simple yet otherworldly about these tracks - you have the DIY prowess of Kleenex/LiLiPUT and Girls at Our Best!, a brooding new wave-y minimal synth sound woven in, and an undeniable pop-leaning appeal captured in vibrant monaural glory. It's hard to mistake these ten tracks of naturally urgent and driving post-punk for anything other than sheer brilliance. Sweeping Promises deliver in spades on "Hunger for a Way Out".

‘’Everything just pops, with a sound somewhere between ESG and Kleenex-Liliput, but you could just as easily draw comparisons to The Pretenders, Elastica or Sleater Kinney.’’ BROOKLYN VEGAN ALBUM OF THE WEEK

"A titanic debut album serving up basement grooves and raw post-punk spirit" NME

‘’Sweeping Promises are simply one of the most exciting post-punk adjacent groups we’ve heard in years’’ - MONORAIL MUSIC

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