Tangerine Dream & Sylvester Levay - Three O'Clock High

Format: Black Vinyl LP

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Side A:
1 It's Jerry's Day Today
2 46-32-15
3 No Detention
4 Any School Bully Will Do
5 Go To The Head Of the Class
6 Sit
7 The Fight
8 Jerry's Decisions
9 The Fight Is On
10 Paper
Side B:
1 Big Bright Brass Knuckles
2 Buying Paper Like It's Going Out Of Style
3 Dangerous Trend
4 Who's Chasing Who
5 Bonding By Candlelight
6 You'll Never Believe It
7 Starting The Day Off Right
8 Weak At The Knees
9 Kill Him (The Football Dummy)
10 Not So Quiet In The Library/Get Lost In A Crowd
11 Something To Remember Me By
12 Arrival

Three O'Clock High was a classic 80's film, dark and youth focused. Executive Produced by Steven Spielberg, it failed at the box office but became a hit on home video and remains a favourite among Gen X. The soundtrack has been out of print since 1987. The soundtrack is mostly scored by Tangerine Dream, very much in their mid-80's heyday, with an assist by Sylvester Levay on a handful of tracks. The album cover is an original poster drawn by the legendary Drew Struzan, (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Blade Runner).

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