Temperence Movement - Caught On Stage: Live Acoustic


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1. Magnify (Live Bear)
2. Modern Massacre (Live Bear)
3. The Sun and Moon Roll Around Too Soon (Live Bear)
4. I Hope I m Not Losing My Mind (Live Bear)
5. Midnight Black (Amazon Session)
6. Only Friend (Amazon Session)
7. Ain t No Telling (Live at Kore)
8. Modern Massacre (Live at Metropolis)
9. Smouldering (Planet Rock Session)
10. Stay With Me (Planet Rock Session)
11. Take It Back
12. Lovers and Fighters (Live in the Living Room)
13. Only Friend (Rehearsal Session) t
14. Battle Lines
15. Do the Revelation
16. Get Yourself Free
17. Three Bullets
18. Time Won t Leave
19. White Bear

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