Terrorvision - Original Soundtrack By Richard Band: Blue Vinyl LP With Obi

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Format: Blue Vinyl LP
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Terrorvision - Original Soundtrack By Richard Band:
Blue Vinyl LP With Obi £29.99

The 1986 sci-fi horror comedy classic’s special director’s cut soundtrack!
Includes composer notes by Richard Band himself.
Half speed master cut at Emil Berliner Studios for audiophile sound.
Limited edition 180g electric blue colored vinyl.
Special gatefold with the full movie on…paper!
Released in conjunction with the soundtracks of Empire Pictures’ Ghoulies and Troll.


Satellite to Medusa 
God Dang Burglar 
Bye Gramps & TV 
Locked in to Medusa 
Medusa & Bye Bye Spiro 
Gramps in Bed & OD Chased 
Sherman Fights Back 
Pluthar Arrives 
Pluthar Dies &...Good Morning 
TerrorVision (The Fibonaccis)
The Friends of Crime (The Fibonaccis) 
Sack of Suet Suite (The Fibonaccis) 
Advice to a Mutant (The Fibonaccis) 
He Can't Stop Laughing (The Fibonaccis) 

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